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About Pag
We are situated in the city of Pag on the island of Pag, famous for its salt- pans and fishing.

Pag is a small town of about 3000 inhabitants that was built in the Renaissance period by famous Dalmatian craftsmen, among who was the famous Juraj Dalmatinac. Since the town was planned out, all the streets are at the right angle. The remnants of the all town walls and towers capture the visitor's eye.

Once upon a time in the Pag bay - in the bay of Caska opposite to the town of Pag, there was an old Liburnian settlement and it was famous for its manufacture of jewellery. The settlement was seriously damaged in an earthquake and it is still possible to spot the remnants of the sunken city; its houses and aqueduct, when the sea is clear. Especially during the windy days in May and June. The underwater of the Pag doors that used to be the entrance to this city is rich with ceramics, especially with amphoras from that time.
Among other interesting things, we shall mention the 15th meridian that splits the island into two parts. The very spot (resting place) was marked by a memorial in the Austro - Hungarian period. There is a 6000 m long road leading to it from the main city beach towards the North - West. It is possible to get there if you join one of our biking tours, organised by "Scuba centar Pag". The bikes that we rent are of a renowned "Giant" brand and are adjusted to both recreational and professional purposes. Apart from this biking route there are other 15 very accessible roads most of which go by the sea so you can easily make a stop and have a swim if you get tired. The sea is nice and clean and the sandy beaches are one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic. If you view Pag from air, its surface resembles that of the Moon. However, an abundance of fresh water on its beaches as well as the richness of the underwater world amazes each visitor. Pag is also famous for its traditional lace; still being made by the hardworking Pag women, passing their knowledge onto the next generations. Alongside the renowned lace there is also the equally famous Pag cheese of top quality - most of all because of the surroundings where sheep live and the food they eat. The sheep eat the famous healing "Salvia officinalis", in our language known as sage while the People from Pag call it "slavuja". Its splendid taste is the result of an ancient way of production, ecologically justifiable we would say. That is, completely natural and healthy. The people from Pag even say that the cheese has aphrodisiac properties.
Pag has its own specific grapes of which of which they make the wines Gegić and Žutica. These will be appreciated be even the more refined wine tasters. In the Austro - Hungarian period there was a law that protected domicile fishermen who could fish for whatever they wanted; and which they did, especially the blue oily fish mackerel. The law is interesting in itself since it prohibited selling that very fish outside the island and in that way protected the species around the island. Mackerel is a very rare fish in the Adriatic nowadays as since the passing of that law there hasn't been passes anything similar that would hold back the extermination. However, from time to time this delicious fish does get stuck in the fishermen's nets. Apart from the oily fish, abundant in this maritime zone, there are also plenty of species of white fish such as: tooth fish, giltheads, sea basses, blacksmiths, frog fish, octopuses and other species swimming in the beautiful gardens of red gorgonia. If you dive with us, you will share and enjoy their world. You can take pictures of them and later, feel what they taste like in one of the seafood restaurants. The world of silence and living harmonies awaits for you. There are no factories to pollute the sea, nor the harbours crowded with home and foreign ships. On every beach you will find peace, privacy and relaxedness that you could only have dreamt of.

All of you coming to the city of Pag, will feel the friendly welcoming of the domicile population and get to know their culture through their songs, dancing and gastronomy. Therefore, do come and visit us in Pag and experience the unforgettable moments both on the ground and under the sea.
The hospitable local people of this Renaissance town, together with the Scuba Center Pag wish the divers and their families a pleasant vacation.

We shall do our best to conform to your wishes in the best possible way.

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